Parent Testimonials

"Kamp is the school-aged program for our daycare, and after having our littles attend the daycare until now when they are both (almost) officially big, our family has taken great comfort in knowing that they are moving from an AWESOME program to an equally AMAZING one. We simply wouldn’t trust our kids with anyone else. This program is well run for parents and rewarding for kids. Thanks for all you do, Cassie and the Summer Kamp staff!"

- Heather


"Our twin girls are learning so much at preschool. It is amazing how much they recount from KTK when we go over their day! At dinner we like to talk about our days and their days are just fantastic. We love hearing about learning, teachers, friends, just everything at KTK. You and your team are making a real difference in the lives of children, in families and thereby in our community. Can’t thank you enough!"

- Sydney


"We moved in June to Indiana. We miss Madison a lot, but on the bright side, I am staying home with the girls for a while. :) I am having a ton of fun with them. I actually think about you guys often.... As I read child development books and learn more about those critical first two years, and then see my bright and capable girls, I can't help but think that their teachers at KTK must have done an awesome job with them for their first year and a half of life."

- Allison


"Both of our boys have been at KTK since they were 3 months old, and we just love this center. Because our oldest is three, we've gotten to know each and every teacher as he's progressed through each classroom, and we can't say enough good things about them all! What's more, because of the size and setup of the center, we were actually able to get to know each teacher before he moved to the next classroom, which really made a difference for us and made for a smooth transition for him. The teachers also make a point to have the kids 'visit' the next room in the weeks leading up to the transition, which has also always stood out to me as a great feature of this daycare.

Our 9-month-old has just moved from the first baby class to the second, and, again, I cannot express enough how special the KTK teachers are. Amanda always made us feel our baby was the only one in her care, though that was obviously not the case. Her attention to detail and time taken to really get to know our baby has meant a lot to us. She was always available to give me a quick update on himwhen he started daycare and I returned to work, and this made my transition back to work immeasurably easier. And his new teacher Margie takes the time to provide extensive details about his day, every day, on his daily sheet that really makes my day. Her notes provide a snapshot of what my little guy was up to all day as well as alert me to any trouble, such as pending ear infection, as was the case just yesterday!

We've known Tammy from our first days with KTK, and I've always noticed the lasting impression she has on the kids--not only ours but all of the kiddos in the center. She takes the time to get to know each and every one and you can see in their little faces how important she is to them. She always takes the time to share a tidbit about each kiddo's day, whether it is about our baby who is currently in her care, or just a quick interaction she had with our older boy.

I could go on, as I have a story to share about each and every teacher at KTK, but I'll stop there for now.... "

- Heather N.


"Summer Kamp was an adventure our son will never forget! From the weekly swims, field trips and outside fun, the teachers couldn’t have added any more activities to the schedule! I loved that the kids were still learning as the teachers weaved in educational lessons throughout the week. Our daughter will be old enough to start this summer and she’s VERY excited to join her brother at Summer Kamp!"

- Megan


"My son has learned so much and blossomed while at Koala T Kare – all because of the awesome bunch of teachers. I owe you all many thanks for the sweet little boy he has become."

- Stacy K.


"I would like to express my great gratitude and appreciation for the excellent care you've been providing my daughter. Being a first time Mom I was very nervous at first especially with her last short experience with daycare that was very stressful for both her and me. However, I've noticed great improvement in her manner and sleeping pattern. I never fail to notice her looking so calm and groomed at the end of the day when I come to pick her up, it can only reflect the amount of love and care she's surrounded with during the day hours. I can't say enough about the things I love about Koala-T-Kare. I'm very impressed with the level of organization and scheduling at the daycare and I like the different forms of motor activity (walks, stroller rides, large motor room), the monthly magazine that now hangs on my mom's office wall and she just loves it! Last but not least I found this developmental sheet very informative and useful and I'll definitely keep it among her records.

I can easily regard Koala-T-Kare as the best daycare a mother can choose for her child...dropping off my child knowing that she'll be nurtured with much care and love makes my day much easier. "

- Nora B.


"Koala's the most reliable daycare I've ever had! Going to work is easier knowing he's safe-n-sound in an affirming environment provided by Koala-T-Kare. My son flourishes there with lots of friends (we often get together for play dates and birthdays outside of the M-F daycare times, too) and caring teachers who patiently teach colors, shapes and numbers. His grandparents often say how proud they are of my son and what a great Mom I am, but I know it’s in great part to the dedicated and selfless service he receives at Koala-T-Kare. We couldn't be happier with any other daycare."

- Laura S.


"Every day when we pick up our daughter from KTK, she doesn't want to leave. She spends the whole ride home talking about all of the fun things she did during the day. Each night we're amazed at all of the new things she's learned at school. All of these experiences show the great job each of the teachers is doing at KTK. We're so happy to have such a fabulous group of people taking care of and teaching our little girl. Thanks so much for all you do!"

- Meghann D.


"My daughter is learning more than I ever could have imagined since she has been enrolled at Koala-T-Kare. Being a first-time Mom, I didn’t know what to expect out of the whole child-care experience and was nervous at first. However, I have found that the teachers really love these children and because of that I love them more than ever. When my daughter and I are getting ready in the morning and I tell her that it’s time to go to school, she gets so excited she then runs and grabs her coat! She loves coming to Koala-T-Kare and because of that, my mind is at ease every day knowing that she is in a place that she loves and that loves her right back. The care she receives at Koala-T-Kare is exceptional in every way and I’m truly grateful for it."

- Jill Z.


"Every day we bring our daughter to school she is so excited to see her teachers and we love how they are genuinely happy to see her. We love taking her somewhere she will be cared for, treated with respect and learn important values and skills such as how to take a rock star nap. Thanks for being loving and fun. "

- Meagan & Dmitry


"We've had an amazing experience with Koala-T-Kare from day one. Our son has fallen in love with his teachers and has such a blast painting, playing outside, enjoying story time, eating with his friends, chasing after bubbles, and seeing his girlfriend. (Who knew kids could develop crushes before age 2?) All of the teachers just LOVE the kids that are in their groups and talk about them as if they were their own. That was exactly what we were looking for in a daycare center, another family for our son."

- Megan B.


"There is so much we love about KTK... the care our son received as an infant and now has always exceeded our expectations. Being new parents, we were super nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The staff at KTK and other parents were really wonderful in helping us transition from maternity leave. Calling during his first days to give updates on how things were going. I never had to worry while I was away and knew hewas getting the best care and love. I know because I made frequent stops to check in on how things were going.

The experienced staff and other parents have always been very supportive in helping us get through all stages from teething, walking, terrible twos, etc. We always share ideas to help all the kids grow and learn. You won’t find another center that feels this community and family-oriented. It has been a very positive experience for us. The daily routines/schedule they create for our kids are great and we can use them at home. The communication skills from signing to verbal have always amazed me and it is because of the awesome teachers at KTK. He is always singing new songs or rhymes that he has learned. I can’t say enough about the great center and the experienced staff of KTK. I don’t think I could have done a better job if I stayed home with him. It really does take a community. We truly love it!"

- Trish K.


"I'm thankful to know that every day I send my daughter to daycare that she will not only be cared for, but have a fun time learning, trying new activities, becoming more independent, and having lots of fun! "

- Jena D.


"I continue to marvel at the language development of the kids in Koala-T-Kare. While I know some children are born to be ‘talkers,’ I firmly believe that the KTK teachers’ commitment to being verbal with our kids from infancy on makes a huge difference in how quickly they learn language."

- Mindy C.


"My husband and I were very nervous when it came time to start looking for a daycare. It was our first. I spent hours researching and interviewing with in home and day care centers. It is overwhelming to go into people’s homes to think this is where your child may be spending their days. You want the best - a friendly environment, a good developmental program, and most of all a place that feels like home. With all the research I did, I found Koala-T-Kare through a friend. From the moment we walked in I felt welcome. Everyone was so genuinely nice. Also in talking with other mothers that take their kids to Koala -T-Kare I learned that is it very family oriented. I feel good knowing I’m dropping off my child to a place where he is growing developmentally, cared for and most of all loved."

- Cindy P.


"As a brand-new mom, the search for care for my son was absolutely terrifying and I wanted to burst into tears with every new center we visited. Then we walked into the beautiful and welcoming Koala-T-Kare and it just felt so right. After meeting the teachers we couldn't get our application in fast enough! He has grown so much in his time there and has learned some amazing things (his teachers have even taught him how to sign!). We couldn't be happier with our choice and would recommend it to anyone who wants the best in care for their own precious little babies."

- Karen T.


"We can tell that the KTK teachers truly care for our children. They are calm and friendly presences in their lives. They always have our kids' best interests in mind and help them have fun times and learning experiences too. The teachers are encouraging and just as excited as we are when a child reaches a milestone or has a good day."

- Ellen F.


"After staying at home with my daughter for 2 1/2 years it was time to find her a place of her own; to learn, explore, meet new friends, and define her personality. I was a little nervous about leaving my daughter at a daycare and after looking at about 30 different facilities I was becoming very disappointed; until we stumbled upon Koala-T-Kare, from the moment we walked through the front doors we both knew it was the place for us. She absolutely loves all of her teachers, and in the car ride home she frequently sings songs she has learned and introduces me to games and routines that her teachers have taught her; many of which we have incorporated to our at home routines. We are very appreciative to the understanding and support we have received from Sue and the rest of the staff, and are both very happy to be a part of the Koala-T-Kare family!"

- Bonnie H.


"The staff is very friendly and treats each child with the special attention they need. We can always leave at the end of the day feeling comfortable and confident that our daughter has learned or tried new things that day. To top it all off, the location is perfect for us being within 2 miles of our work and home. Koala-T-Kare has by far been our best experience with quality childcare! "

- Celia P.


"As first time parents, we were looking for a daycare center where our daughter would be loved, stimulated and nurtured. We were also looking for a flexible staff that would support us as new parents. We visited a lot of centers before finding Koala-T-Kare and were disappointed. But the second we walked through the door at Koala-T-Kare, we knew she would thrive there. She adores all of her new friends and the staff who snuggle and play with her each day. I love seeing how my daughter lights up to see all her teachers and friends every morning. It instills confidence in us that we have made the right decision."

- Beth N.


"Being a new mom I didn't know what to expect when it was time to bring my daughter to daycare after maternity leave. I was nervous! The staff at Koala-T-Kare have been so wonderful with her and I feel like they genuinely love to be with her. Every time I visit, she is being played with, held, cuddled or interacted with in some way. Now I see that daycare is a positive experience for my baby and so it is very much a positive experience for me too. I also like the personal relationships I have made with each and every staff member at Koala-T-Kare. They are very respectful of me and make it known that they love my baby. That means everything to me!"

- Melanie B.


"Our kids love Koala-T-Kare because it is a fun and loving place. We love Koala-T-Kare because it affords us peace of mind. We never worry about our children and whether or not their needs are being met. The staff is top notch and they have set the bar high for providing quality childcare. If you are looking for childcare for your children, look for the place that will bring you peace of mind - Koala-T-Kare."

- Ryan & Christina D.


"I personally love all the teachers because they help us navigate the sometimes frustrating job of discipline. They are examples of how to apply the principles of Love & Logic. I feel better knowing our sonis in such good hands while I am at work. The general continuity of KTK is a breath of fresh air compared to colleagues and coworkers I work with who constantly have new providers for their children. I also was really impressed when hecame home and could say the ABC's – not something I expected from a 2 year old! Thanks for all you do!"

- Carrie S.


"We had an out-of-town business meeting in Madison and decided to bring our 1-1/2 year old son with us. The drop-in daycare at Koala-T-Kare was the perfect solution for us! Not only was the location convenient and in close proximity to our meetings, but the daycare facility was wonderful and the staff gave us and our son such a warm welcome. We were immediately reassured that he would be in great care and would have lots of fun with the other children and toys. We will definitely use Koala-T-Kare again the next time we all go to Madison!"

- Stan & Kelly S.