6:30-7:30a Free Play in KTK
7:30-8:50a Centers play in preschool classroom
8:50-9:00a Clean Up/story and music
9:00-10:40a Potty/wash hands/snack 

Center time/small group option/specials

Specials:       Monday- Bible Story (9:30-9:40)
                        Tuesday- Art
                        Wednesday- Fitness
                        Thursday-  Cooking
                        Friday- Story time/Spanish/sign language

10:40-11:30a Outside/Gross Motor*
11:30-11:45a Clean up/potty/wash hands
11:45a-12:15p Lunch
12:15-2:30p Rest Time/wake up/potty/wash hands
2:30-3:45p Snack/Centers time
3:45-4:40p Outside/Gross Motor*
4:40-6:00p Free Play in KTK

Schedule is subject to change

*In inclement weather, multipurpose room is used for gross motor time. Gross motor time may be switched with free play time as needed to accommodate general use of multipurpose room.