Preschool (3-5 yrs)

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Lesson Plan May 7th - 11th; Things That Grow part 1; Love / Mother's Day

Throughout the month of May we are learning about things that grow.  Does love grow?  Do families grow?  Do we grow?  How do we grow?  These are things we are going to figure out this week.  

Lesson Plan April 30th - May 4th; Animals part 5; The Ocean

This week we are learning about the ocean and the creatures that live there.  The class will be taught about the layers of the ocean and examples of ocean creatures that live in each area.  We have so many fun and exciting learning activities to do.  Something special in the works-- one of the Starlings is so interested in the ocean, he wants to share his knowledge about the ocean with all of us.  He and his parents are preparing a learning activity of us to share.  We can't wait!

Lesson Plan April 23rd - 27th; Animals part 4; The Desert

This week the Starlings will be learning about animals found in the desert and what a desert climate is like.  How do these animals manage to strive in an environment with very little water?  What do these animals eat?  What are their homes like?  These are things we are going to discover together.

Lesson Plan April 16th - 20th; Animals part 3; The Rain Forest

This week we are learning about the rain forest and animals that reside there.  We will listen to the sounds the animals make, create some of our own animals, learn about the climate in a rain forest and more.

Lesson Plan April 9th - 13th; Animals part 2; The Jungle

This week we are learning about jungle animals and their habitat.  From counting linked monkeys, making animal masks, and doing animal yoga to creating a jungle habitat, making jungle trees out of food (and eating it of course), and learning lots of animal sign language-- it's going to be a fun-filled week of learning!